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The Passing of Elvira Williams: A Statement From PACTS

Greetings, all

So many of you knew Elvira, so I felt it was important to forward this information from Renata Murry.

Elvira will truly be missed by many in this community.

Hello Everyone,

Please forgive me if you received this email more than once or did not know Elvira Williams. I combined multiple distribution lists to try to reach as many people as possible.

For those of you who knew Elvira, I’m sad to inform you that she passed away yesterday. According to her son she collapsed at home and could not be revived. Many of you know Elvira had been an activist in the T.I. Community for many years and was perhaps best known for networking people together and taking part in organizing T.I. events. Her activism dates back many years to the Bill Clinton administration when she assisted on his Presidential campaign. It was Elvira’s activism that led to her unwarranted targeting and as many of you know she suffered greatly, particularly within the medical community in the form of medical neglect.

Myself, Loren and Ella will hold a tribute in Elvira’s memory this Sunday 2:30pm pacific; 5:30pm eastern on talkshoe Phone Number: (724) 444-7444.  Call ID: 114616 . You are welcome to come share your warm memories of Elvira, as her kind and caring ways will be greatly missed. Also please feel free to bring your thoughts on how we as a community can avoid medical targeting.

We can take comfort in knowing her suffering is now over and she is in a much better place with the Lord.

Please keep her family in your prayers.

God Bless and stay strong!
Renata Murray

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